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This blend inspired Two Twenty Two Supply. Do you have asthma? Nasty smoker's cough? Cold or flu with mucus build up and/or a cough you just can't shake? Chest congestion? You need this blend. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help ease congestion in the chest and help you breathe easy.


Herbs in this blend include:




Marshmellow Root & Leaf


Enjoy this when you have a cold, suffering from a respiratory illness, and/or in between sessions to give your lungs a hug.


*Disclaimer: Before trying any herbal remedy, we recommend to try a small quantity first to establish whether there are any adverse or allergic reactions to the herbs. Please remember when you are using herbs for their medicinal properties, they are just that – ‘medicinal’. Herbs may remedy health issues, but please consult a health care provider for serious concerns.


We hope you find peace and satisfaction however you decide to approach your health.


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