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Welcome to Two Twenty Two Supply

Two Twenty Two is a one woman business & in-house agency powered by owner & founder, Montinique Morgan, a Prince George's County (Pretty Girl County - IYKYK) , Maryland native who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.  She is a dreamer who loves smoking but wanted more from her experience.  Suffering from asthma and anxiety, 

meet our team


photos by Raina Allmond 


she researched and played around with herbs to 

help ease the stress on her lungs and heart. What

started as an intriguing solution for her physical &         mental health evolved to Two Twenty Two Supply with

the love and guidance from the Black baby



We all go through things that may leave us feeling lost and alone. It's important to have something to keep us encouraged and for many of us, the answer is herbs. They hold spiritual & physical healing components that help manifest a healthy lifestyle. Two Twenty Two Supply products keep us connected to ourselves and our sweet baby angels, allowing their love & light in our lives. 


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